Please do not download or copy photos without my permission, Thank you.

Please do not download or copy photos without my permission, Thank you.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Lloret de Mar - Weather

Last Thursday night we had what can only be described as a mini tornado in Lloret!
The weather had been quite good all day, although cooler than previous days - which was a relief!
We were in Buzzbys in Fenals when it started to look rather stormy, one of the locals came in and said that a storm was on way as he had just come from Girona and had seen the black clouds heading our way.
At about 12.oo it started to rain then without any more warning the heavens opened !
The strong wind was actually blowing the rain sideways. The power went off in the pub and various other places in town.
Then at the top of the street a manhole cover lifted and water came gushing up through this, flooding all the road in seconds ! The water flooded over a low wall opposite the pub into a small piece of land making it look like a lake.
Further away we heard that part of one of the main roads was blocked by fallen trees.
For people who were actually walking through it said it was terrifying, almost as though they were going to drown!
This only lasted for 10 minutes or so, we hate to think what would have happened if it had gone on for much longer.

So the forecast shown on the 8 day chart below was correct...even though it had been a nice day until then.


Anonymous said...

Hi Jackie,
Thankfully I was in the UK at the time, but the report from Montbarbat says that 2 trees in my garden are down and Neils furniture in the garage is waterlogged!!

Any news on Steve's 50th? or has he emigrated! Has your Steve got my 10 Euro from Stan for his present?



Jackie said...

Hello Don,
How nice to hear from you! Steve keeps saying he wont be here for his birthday, but I dont think he has any choice. Yes, we got your €10. I have heard Linda in Rabbies is also doing a collection, and was thinking of passing it all on to her-would that be ok with you? I think she'll have more idea of what to get him.
Hope the trees haven't done any damage, it sounds like Neil got away very lightly!
Thanks for getting in touch !
See you the party ??