Please do not download or copy photos without my permission, Thank you.

Please do not download or copy photos without my permission, Thank you.

Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Lloret de Mar December Weather

Lloret de Mar Christmas Tree.

Its not a bit like Xmas, its almost as though summer is on the way back!
Temperatures over the last 2 days have been very mild...19ºc very good for the time of year.
These two photos were both taken today, the first one of the Christmas tree in front of the town hall - I still don't like it! I much prefer the traditional green one with the red decorations they used to have. The photo below is taken on Fenals beach, not many people about here but over in Lloret there were a few actually laid on the beach taking in the sun!


lars said...

19°C^^ Here in Hamburg we have -7°C till -2°C and stormy wind ... so it feels much colder :(

Cant wait to go back to Lloret in May 2011 ...

Jackie said...

Thank you for your comment Lars, it sounds awful where you are!
We have another nice day today its now 15º c ..... I dont think it will last much longer! How often do you come to Lloret, do you know Gerry's Bar?

Joan said...

We can beat that - Glasgow was -14 at 9am this morning.

carol, newcastle said...

Once again Jackie, great photos! I was wondering which tree you had this year. I must admit this one is not so impressive in daylight. You should join and post some pics. They're a friendly bunch of folk from around the world interested in photography who comment and give constructive advice as well as post their own snaps....Lars and Joan, join the club! we're at -5 degrees and its lunchtime here in Newcastle.
Hope you have a great Xmas Jackie, and feliz navidad to eveyone in Lloret! x

lars said...


right now im in Hamburg and i travel and stay in Lloret one or two times a year for 10 till 20 days ...

Gerry's Bar ... could remind me yet, but i bet ive benn there once on a hard night ;-)