Please do not download or copy photos without my permission, Thank you.

Please do not download or copy photos without my permission, Thank you.

Friday, June 03, 2011

Lloret de Mar Supermarkets

If you are visiting Lloret de Mar for the first time then you may be wondering which are the best supermarkets in which to do the bulk of your shopping and where are they! If your staying in an apartment and intend to make quite a few of your meals indoors rather than eat out then its always worth trying to find out where the locals do their shopping and where to get the best value for money.
I have put together a list and map of what I and most of the local residents in Lloret  consider to be the most popular supermarkets in Lloret complete with a few details about each one. Just click on the image below to take you on a tour of Llorets supermarkets!


carol said...

Thanks for that Jackie. I was just discussing this with my husband the other day as we found the supermarket at the Blau appartments very expensive. I was wondering where the locals did their shopping... will save the info for future use!

baba said...

Hi Jackie,

Great blog. Thanks for all the info.

Do you have listed somewhere the hours of operations for the supermarkets? Specifically, we are wondering about Caprabo.

Do any grocery stores deliver to houses?

Jackie said...

Glad to be of help! As far as I know the Caprabo is open during the summer months Mon to Sat 9am - 9pm and Sunday 10 am until about 1pm, I will find out for sure next time I go. If you spend over a certain amount, (its either €30 or €50) Consum do deliver so I'm sure the others will also.