Please do not download or copy photos without my permission, Thank you.

Please do not download or copy photos without my permission, Thank you.

Monday, January 20, 2014

Lloret de Mar - Local Bus

In Lloret de Mar we have a very handy local bus service - the yellow local single decker bus ( L2) which does an almost figure 8 shaped route around Lloret and Fenals passing on the way some of Llorets most interesting buildings and places. Starting at the far end of Llorets beach by the castle you will go along the seafront passing the Tourist information building which also houses the Maritime Museum, after which at the next stop is the Town Hall - a grand old building dating back to 1872. 

Leaving the seafront the bus then makes its way along Avenida Just Marles, the most popular nightlife scene of the Costa Brava, Londoner, Hotspot, Zoo, Moby's and  Tropics to name just a few! Reaching the end of this road the bus station is on the right, but the bus here takes a left to make its way to Fenals along the busy road in the direction of Blanes. Along this road is the H Top Royal Star Hotel, behind this hotel is the Modernist Cemetery. Further along are the Santa Elena and Toucan campsites, also in this area to the right is the Papalus Pitch & Putt golf. The bus here though makes a left turn into the residential area of Fenals where you will pass close to the entrance of Santa Clotilde Gardens which I recommend you visit at some point during your stay in Lloret de Mar. As the bus weaves its way though Fenals you will reach Avenida America - Fenals main shopping street with the very handy British food shop where you can buy most of your favourite groceries from back home. 

Opposite this is the H Top Royal Beach Hotel, from here the bus makes its way along Fenals seafront, the beach here is in a very nice setting surrounded by woodland, the bus then makes its way past villas and apartments in Fenals before heading back over the hill towards Lloret de Mar. As it climbs the steep hill leaving Fenals it passes Llorets fire station on the left and the Samba hotel on the right. Down the hill brings you to back to Lloret passing the Don Juan Hotel and lively Queen Vic night spot. Across the road you will once again pass the bus station and heard along the main road in the direction of Tossa de Mar. Just a little way past the bus station is Lloret FC ground on the left further along this road are the unusual shaped buildings of the new theatre and casino. Leaving this road to the right the bus heads down the hill towards the beach of Lloret....back to where you started! 
At present the buses run every 20 minutes and the fare is €1.30.

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