Please do not download or copy photos without my permission, Thank you.

Please do not download or copy photos without my permission, Thank you.

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Restaurants in Lloret de Mar.

While on holiday in Lloret dining out is always good value for money, especially if you fancy a change from the 'junk food' which is too easily available these days!
All restaurants, no matter what type or nationality serve what is called 'Menu del Dia' - menu of the day. Usually consisting of at least 3 courses, a starter, then the main dish, a sweet or pudding dish and then wine, water and bread. Prices start at about 6 euro. All restaurants have numerous selections for each course, its quite impossible to choose sometimes.!
Its even sometimes impossible to choose which restaurant to go to, all do excellent menus.
Although the menus displayed are mostly wrote in Catalan or Spanish, this no reason why you should not be brave enough to go inside and try the meals, if your not a fussy eater just take 'pot luck'

A few of the most common foods on the Catalan menus in Lloret are..

Galtes de porc - pigs cheek, usually done in a nice tasty gravy.

Calamars - squid, often done in batter and then mistaken for onion rings by most first timers abroard!

Botifarra amb mongetes - a meaty Catalan sausage with white beans.

Arroz negre - rice cooked in black ink from the squid.

Fricando amb bolts - sliced veal with mushrooms.

Conill amb allioli - rabbit with a garlic mayonnaise.

A couple of dishes to suit even the most unadventurous palette is Pollo, which is chicken,usually roasted on the spit and Bistek, which is steak. Normally both served with chips!

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