Please do not download or copy photos without my permission, Thank you.

Please do not download or copy photos without my permission, Thank you.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Second Hand Market in Lloret

This Sunday 28th October a second hand market is to be held  in the Reiral district of Lloret. After the market was such a success last year it seems its now going to become an annual event. Those who are wishing to have a stall must first fill in a registration form and pay a €25 fee, some of the stores where you can register are - Co Working Lloret,  Papereria Fatima, and Ferreteria el Reiral.

Please Note....

This event has been postponed until next Sunday 4th Nov owing to the predicted bad weather....Good! that means I can go now!

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

October in Lloret de Mar

 We are now almost at the end of October but as these photos from yesterday show we are still having great weather....although the town is very quiet just now. Those who are here on holiday for a 'winter break' can still spend a little time on the beach as the temperatures are very good. As usual at this time of year as the summer season comes to a close some of the businesses in town close for their winter break, the Leman restaurant, El Relicario, Rob Roy Tavern, Alexis Hotel and Oasis Park Hotel are just a few which have already closed.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Celtic to Barcelona via Route 66!

Lloret has turned Green & White during the last few days! 

Many of the Celtic fans that have travelled over for tonight's game at Barcelona have booked into hotels in Lloret. Andy Milroy who owns the Route 66 restaurant /diner in Lloret is a well known Celtic fan and arranged a bus to the stadium for a lucky few.  Here they are before setting off for the journey at 2pm today.
 Spot the rebel in the gang!

 Jackie, Carla (the rebel!) and Andy

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Views of Lloret

 Today and for the next day or so the weather forecast for Lloret is not too good, with rain forecast for the coming weekend,although it is still very warm (todays temp is 22ºc) making it feel very humid with the low cloud we have just now. 
Today's photos showing the narrow pathway around the castle were taken at the end of September.

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Lloret de Mar to Andorra

  Just 4-5 hours drive from Lloret de Mar is the principality of Andorra in a delightful setting almost 3,000 mts above sea level in the Pyrenees mountains separating Spain and France.

 As well as being a favourite destination for the winters sports fans it is also a year round shoppers paradise for duty free goods with top designer names found in many of the stores, also cost of cigarettes, tobacco and bottles of spirits are much cheaper than Spain or France but be warned as the amount that you are allowed to import into Spain is limited. 
 In the centre of Andorra you can visit the Ferrari store which has a replica F1 car in the window!

For those who like to get out and about away from the shops the scenery in the mountains is beautiful. There are numerous little villages with hostels, hotels and spas with prices to suit every pocket, we stayed at the Hotel Montane in Arinsal. This lovely hotel is run by Fiona who made us very welcome, and I'm not surprised it gets great reviews on all travel accommodation sites.

You will find every type of sport you could ever wish to to take part in, with skiing of course being the most popular as well as horse riding, mountain biking, archery, mountain climbing, go karts, fishing, golf, hiking, bungee jumping and the list goes on and on! It is possible to take a day trip to Andorra from Lloret de Mar with Laietana Tours, at the moment the cost is €52.50 leaving Lloret at approx 7.30am every Wednesday. 

Monday, October 08, 2012

Views of Lloret de Mar

 Taking a walk around the castle will give you some of the best views of Lloret especially when there are clouds in the sky, it makes the picture much more dramatic!
Looking back towards the town.
Fishing boats on the beach
The town hall can be seen just inbetween the towers of the castle.

Thursday, October 04, 2012

Lloret de Mar October Weather

 Lloret is still experiencing very good weather this week, yesterdays temperature was 25ºc with predictions that it could possibly reach 28-29ºc for the weekend....great news for those who are here for a late summer break!
Yesterdays views of Fenals beach

Tuesday, October 02, 2012

Lloret Market Day

Tuesday morning and I think that just about everyone in town headed to the market this morning! Lloret's market is held every Tuesday in the Reiral district, from the roundabout by the bus station just make your way on the main road heading up towards the Olympic Park hotel and you cant miss it.
Umbrellas Galore, do they know something we dont?
Thinking it wouldn't have been so busy this morning I set off to see what bargains were to be found, but I was wrong it was packed this morning! Several coaches which had brought shoppers in from other resorts were parked near by, one bus that I noticed had come all way down from Playa de Aro!
 Every other stall seems to be selling shoes, be very wary though - probably all made in China and not a single pair of leather shoes in sight!

Souvenir Tea towels
Freshest fruit and veg you will ever find!
Cheese, meat and fish counter
Strawberries and cream for tea?

Monday, October 01, 2012

Lloret de Mar Castle

 Views from the rugged pathway leading around the Castle of Lloret which I should think is the most photographed landmark in the town. To photograph these stunning views of Lloret you only have to make your way to the Castle at the end of the beach where you will find the pathway cut out from the rocky coastline...just follow the path through tunnels and steep staircases until you simply cant walk any further. One tip though, dont forget to take a bottle of water so you dont dehydrate, you wont find any shops along this path !! :-)
 Looking at these two photos shows just how this coast gets the name 'Costa Brava'

Through the tunnel below the castle.
Its much easier going down than going up!
Looking back to Lloret