Please do not download or copy photos without my permission, Thank you.

Please do not download or copy photos without my permission, Thank you.

Saturday, April 29, 2006

Litre Bars in Lloret

Lt Bar in the Avenida Just Marles

If you find you are continually up and down fetching drinks during your stay in Lloret de Mar you may wish to cosider a bar that sells drinks by the litre. These drinks are typically sold in plastic beakers which hold a full litre. You are then free to take the drinks out or drink them inside. You can buy litres of beer, sangria, vodka redbull, rum coke, tequila sunrise- and loads more- it generally works out much much cheaper than the traditional measures.

I know of three bars that sell Litre drinks- the LT bar in the Avenida Just Marles, the Torito Pinchito next to the Londoner and the Bar Barretina in the Calle Arenys.

Thursday, April 27, 2006

Lloret de Mar - Santa Cristina

Just 3.5km down the coast from Lloret lies the hermitage of Santa Cristina. The small church dates back to the 18th century, but the hermitage itself dates back even further to the 14th century.

The easiest way to visit is by boat, either from Lloret or Fenals beach, unless you are feeling VERY energetic then you can walk either along the main road or over the cliff tops along the coast. The cost of the return trip by boat is approx 8.50 euro.

The beach is a much finer sand than Lloret, and it's a much gentler slope into the sea, so it may be better for children. There is a bar, if you get thirsty and also toilets. You can also hire a pedalo. 

From behind the church you can see excellent views both up and down the coast. During the busy months of July and August it's usually much quieter than the packed beaches of Lloret.

Saturday, April 22, 2006

Lloret Season 2006

No queues at WaterWorld

The season in Lloret is hopefully soon about to start.
For the past four weeks Lloret has been inundated with Portuguese students and football teams from all over Europe. This gives some Lloret business owners a good start to an otherwise very quiet perod.

They are now hoping for a strong start to the Summer Season. As Easter fell quite late this year there will not be such a noticable gap between the Spring and Summer tourism.

St George's Day. 23rd April

The official patron saint of England - St George, is also the patron saint of Catalonia.
The usual custom on this day is for men to give their wife's or girlfriend's a rose (or a bunch of roses if your lucky!) quite similar to our Valentines Day in the UK.

Then in return the ladies will give a book to whoever they receive their rose from.

The shops are now full of books on every subject you can think of, and the price of roses is sure to be more expensive this weekend than any other time of year. Posted by Picasa

Friday, April 14, 2006

Easter Weekend in Lloret de Mar.

The holiday season is now here once again. After a very quiet winter on the Costa Brava, Lloret is coming to life again. This Easter seems to be busier than ever, the town has really filled up over the last few days...

The beach bars are now back in place after spending the winter in storage. They are taken away at the end of the summer season, then brought back for the new summer season all nicely cleaned up and decorated with lots of flowers and plants - making the beach look very colourful!

Also back in business are the boats taking visitors up and down the coast to other resorts.

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Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Spanish News - Water Shortage.

Last summer was the driest Spain has had for the last 60yrs. With Catalunya being one of the worst hit areas.
It's not just a matter of solving everything with a hose-pipe ban or some other similar action as sometimes imposed in the UK, as some areas in Spain are under serious threat of eventualy becoming desert!

Some inland regions have had to rely on water being delivered by tanker, because many of the wells have actully dried up. Other areas mainly in Valencia, have had running water limited to just 8mins a day, with more of the same to come.
Tourist resorts and city's have had no real change, other than being advised to use less.
Meanwhile the hardest hit places inland have barely had enough water to water crops, which in turn means that farm animals have virtually starved through lack of grazing areas.

The government has promised about 80 million euro to ease the situation, but as yet no definate plans have been made which would provide some sort of solution.
So for now the only available solution is for everyone to be aware of the shortage and in turn do as much as possible to limit their use.

For visitors to Spain its not always apparent how drastically short of water we are, it seems there is water everywhere, swimming pools, fountains, showers every few metres on the beach's and not forgetting large gardens and the golf courses all still have their sprinklers on daily.

Saturday, April 08, 2006

Things to do in Lloret de Mar- Day Trip to Barcelona

Continuing the subject of what to do on a day trip to Barcelona, if you are in the area of the Plaza Cataluna or Las Ramblas it is worth paying a visit to the Mercat la Boqueria which is situated halfway down Las Ramblas (No. 85-89) about 6 minutes walk from the Plaza Cataluna.

Situated under some arches in a square surrounded by old Catalan style architecturere, the market is made up of numerous kiosks selling an abundant variety of fruit and vegetables, fish, cheeses and meat- but what really stands out is the richly colourful displays of all manner and variety of fruits- many of them rarely- if indeed ever - seen in high street fruit stores. The brilliance of colour of the displays is an enchantment to the senses and is both a dazzling shopping and sightseeing experience rolled into one.

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Things to do while in Lloret de Mar.

While on holiday in Lloret take a trip up the coast to the next resort of Tossa de Mar. Although so near to Lloret, its a completely different resort. Lloret is a very lively place, but with Tossa de Mar its like stepping back in time. The above photo is a small street which can found within the castle walls.

As you make your way up to the castle, you can look back and see how very different to Lloret this small town is. There are no tall buildings to spoil the views.

From high up in the castle grounds, the streets below all do a good value menu of the day. Most of which seem to be various fish dishes, probably fish which has been caught by the local fishermen that same day, so you always know its fresh!

Sunday, April 02, 2006

Lloret de Mar Views.

A view of Lloret taken from the pathway below the castle, as you walk along the path you will see just why this coast is called the Costa Brava (rugged coast) each corner you turn brings you to a completely different view.

Again this photo is taken from the same pathway a little further on, looking back towards Lloret.

Another view from the same path, but this time taken looking up the coast. Posted by Picasa