Please do not download or copy photos without my permission, Thank you.

Please do not download or copy photos without my permission, Thank you.

Monday, March 31, 2014

Lloret de Mar beach

 This weekend the rough sea has been constantly battering the beach again in Lloret but just look how different the beach looks this morning! Instead of the metal walkways hanging in midair as they were the sand is now back to more or less as it was before all the damage caused in February.

 Below is just a reminder of the damaged beach last month!

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Lloret de Mar - Montseny views

Looking towards Barcelona from Lloret de Mar you can see what is the highest mountain in this region south of the Pyrenees -  'Montseny' National Park at its highest point is 1,706 mts which during the winter months we  can clearly see covered in snow from Lloret. Yesterday however it was a beautiful clear day with bright sunny skies and a very mild temperature so we were able to get these shots of the mountain from not quite at the top!

Above is a view towards Montseny from Loret 

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Car accessories sale

 This coming Sunday  30th March there is to be a special sale for the classic car enthusiasts, this event is taking place in the Rieral district (Tuesday market area) of Lloret de Mar and is organised by the Classic Vehicles Club of Lloret de Mar. Its expected that approx 50 stalls will be selling spares and accessories etc for classic cars.

Photos from last years event

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Lloret de Mar today

Lloret de Mar today with brilliant blue skies and flowers in full bloom, not bad to say that rain was forecast for the whole of today!

Monday, March 24, 2014

A day in Pals from Lloret

If your looking for a day out with a difference then I recommend you visit 'Pals' which is only about 64km from Lloret. Pals is perched on a hill overlooking the Mediterranean sea just 5-6kms away, and looking in the opposite direction are the Pyrenees mountains which at this time of year are covered in snow. Within the walls of the old medieval town are lovely cobbled streets and numerous pretty old stone archways with several very good restaurants and a number of craft shops etc.

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Lloret de Mar in March

This winter has been exceptionally mild here in Lloret, through the day its been ideal conditions to get out and explore the coast line but once the sun drops in the afternoon though is when the temperature drops dramatically and its time to get back indoors and turn on the heating. These recent photos were taken just last week on one of our favourite walks - between Lloret and Fenals passing through Cala Banys where the bar has now opened up again for the season...a nice relaxing stop off point during the hotter weather for a nice cool drink!

Thursday, March 20, 2014

A day in Tossa de Mar

The laid back town of Tossa de Mar is only a short but interesting 20 minute bus journey from Lloret de Mar, just take the bus from Lloret bus station or alternately you could get the boat from Lloret or Fenals beach. Views of the coast from the road or the boat are amazing! As you arrive at Tossa de Mar by bus you will find yourself in the centre of the town....a very nice shopping area, but if you really want to see the picturesque part of Tossa then you need to make your way to the seafront and then upto the walls of the medieval village which is still lived in today!
To see more from Tossa de Mar click on the link here.....

Monday, March 17, 2014

A day out from Lloret.

Taking it easy in the gardens!
In Lloret yesterday it was a very nice 25c by far the warmest day of this year so far, so I think we can say that summer is almost here! We set out for the day by first visiting Santa Clotilde where the gardens were the busiest I've seen for a long time. From there onto Santa Cristina where there was some sort of festival going on, there were so many people and cars there it was just impossible to get into the grounds or down to the beach so we gave that a miss.

Views from Santa Clotilde towards Boadella beach and Santa Cristina

 So on we went a little further down the coast and stopped off at Santa Susanna by the Carrefour shopping complex where just to the side was quite a large market, as it was about 2pm by this time sadly most of the stalls were ready to close. I'm not sure if this market is there every Sunday but it is worth a trip down there as it did seem that there were some good bargains about!

Friday, March 14, 2014

Santa Christina

 Over at Santa Christina the workmen have been very busy just lately preparing the grounds all around the church for the summer. The main pathway leading down to the beach is at present been made much safer for walking with a thick layer of gravel/sand being laid. Also through the woods new paths have been made which lead to newly made viewing points giving great views out to sea and along the coast.

Costa Brava Rally 62

Friday and Saturday 14-15th March Lloret de Mar is once again hosting the oldest rally in Spain - Rally Costa Brava 62. The 102 classic cars taking part can be seen at 4pm today along the seafront today so parking restrictions will be in place.

Craig Mallon - An appeal

Would you please spare a few minutes of your time to watch this short video which is hoped will generate more information which may eventually lead to who killed Craig.

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Lloret Beach Bars

 The beach bars of Lloret and Fenals are always a pleasing sight the way they are designed and decorated with nice seating areas and flower arrangements etc, especially Punto Garbi at the far end of Fenals beach. Just now though there is a ruling which has been enforced by Madrid which means that these bars now have to be removed during the winter we are now left with the ugly blank spaces you see below!
 Two of Fenals popular beach bars as they are through the summer.

This photo above is the Sunshine Bar as it is now (just by the entrance to the woods at Fenals)  and below is the now empty site of the Punto Garbi...what an eyesore Fenals is especially as there is still no beach along this stretch and still no sign of any attempt to repair the damage!