Please do not download or copy photos without my permission, Thank you.

Please do not download or copy photos without my permission, Thank you.

Monday, April 30, 2012

Lloret Events - Sant Antoni Abad

 Here we have a few photos showing the horses parading around town for yesterdays Sant Antoni event.

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Sant Antoni Abad Parade 2012

It was a beautiful day today for the annual horse parade of Sant Antoni. The horses came into town at mid day and made their way down towards the church where they were all blessed as they rode by. Then in usual tradition they rode around the paseo 3 times watched by hundreds of onlookers.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Costa Brava home improvements

If you are living on the Costa brave and are thinking of having some work done on your property then I can recommend a very good company who have recently done some work on our apartment. We were wanting replacement windows and after having got other quotes we decided to get the work done with
After phoning Mr Lindsay Jordan he came and measured up, then sent a quote a few days later. After agreeing to the work we were telephoned approx 2 weeks later with a date for the fitting.
The lads who came to do the work did an excellent job, even cleaning up after themselves for the 2 days of fitting. The company have done a first class job and the windows are top quality, looking much better than I could ever imagine!
For any enqiries for your home improvements email Lindsay
mentioning 'Jackie at Lloret de Mar stuff blog'

Monday, April 23, 2012

St George's Day in Lloret

Just as in England today is St George's day in Lloret de Mar.

All along the paseo in front of the town hall there have been stalls selling books of just about every subject you could think of. The local tradition is that the women should buy a book for their husbands and the men should buy a rose for their wife. Dragon ornaments were also on sale so I wonder how many husbands dare take one of those home for their wife!

Roses for the Barca fans!
Rose shaped candles.

Saturday, April 21, 2012

From Lloret to the F1 in Barcelona

Many thanks to Carol for writing out this very useful piece for the blog for any Formula 1 fans that are staying in Lloret for the 1st time during the race weekend.....

If you are staying in Fenals, the coach picks up at the petrol station at the top of the road (and if there is a big enough crowd at the Royal Star they usually make a stop there before picking up at the PS), they pick up from all the resorts on the way but I'm not familiar enough with these places to give you an exact point but they are usually very central locations. It is an early start though, so be sure to get to bed early the night before! The Aquarium Hotel opens the restaurant earlier on F1 weekend and you can grab a coffee and some rolls, pastries but nothing cooked. I prefer to go to the Pattisseria on the main road opposite Caprabo and up a bit for a nice coffee "para llevar" and a pastry. The journey is much easier and quicker than it used to be and the Spanish police have it down to a fine art, ensuring coaches get priority into the circuit. Remember, arrivals to the circuit tend to be scattered, when everyone leaves at the end of the race it's not so smooth and quick, but it's a heck of a lot quicker than it used to be. When you arrive, you are dropped at a parking bay in the industrial estate close to the circuit. You return to that same bay after the race. In the estate there is a cracking cafe (I think, but am not sure, it's called the Cafe Vienna), although it's very busy you rarely wait more than a few minutes to be served. They have a really efficient ticket system, so rarely will you wait more than 5 minutes - unless you are really hungry or are with a really big crowd - and there are toilets which are usually immaculate, seating inside and out. We always have a hot sandwich and coffee there.
At the circuit, if you have allocated seating, you are lucky. Each stand has it's own toilet block and small bar selling cold beers, water and soft drinks underneath the stand. Also during the race there will be someone coming round with drinks in a container full of ice. If you have General Admission tickets there are plenty of toilets and stands selling refreshments dotted about but they usually are very busy and the toilets tend not to be so clean.
..... I hope the above will help you if people need info for the F1 Grand Prix (or indeed any event at the circuit). These are my views and might not be the views of everyone who attends but they are honest observations. I can't praise the Spanish authorities enough at how efficient they have become over the years. It's so efficient and quick getting in and as efficient as it can be leaving. Hope this helps with any inquiries you get.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Whats this over Lloret?

Just seen this 'object' flying over Fenals and Lloret this morning at about 9.30, is it a bird (no) is it a plane (no) so what is it....does anyone out there have a clue what it could be??

It first appeared over the sea and hovered for a 1 or 2 minutes before going down behind the hotel Surf Mar it then reappeared above the trees and headland between Fenals and Lloret.

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Lloret de Mar Weather

This week ends weather isn't being too kind to the Costa Brave Rally drivers, yesterday we had intermittent showers throughout the day. Today has been more settled but then the storm clouds came rolling in and we have just had a heavy downpour with rumbles of thunder, The photos here were taken this evening (14th April) at about 7pm, lets hope that Sunday is a better day for the Rally!

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Lloret de Mar Views

Recent views of the sky from our balcony during Lloret during the Easter weekend...we have just had a WEBCAM installed so that visitors to the blog and web site can view these live images. The colour maynot be as vibrant as these photos but if your planning a holiday in Lloret you can always keep a check on the weather!

Sunday, April 08, 2012

Easter Sunday in Lloret

 Easter Sunday in Lloret and the weather has been fantastic! Its been the busiest day of the year so far, both on the beach and also people out for lunch or just out for a stroll. Also the Historic Costa Brava Rally is taking place next week, so as usual it brings hundreds of people into town.
Some of the cars taking part were on show on the paseo in front of the town hall...

Friday, April 06, 2012

Lloret de Mar Live Web Cam

Welcome to our web cam in the Fenals area of Lloret de Mar!
Simply click on the picture  below and follow the instructions to view LIVE !!

*Great for checking out the current weather conditions*

Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Lloret de Mar Scenes

These recent photos of Lloret showing not the usual bright blue sunny sky but the mist which came in last week from the sea as we were walking on the cliffs in Fenals. When we set out that day the sun was shining, but then this strange mist slowly crept giving the area a really spooky look, especially with the house in the photo below.....Looks like something out of an horror film!

Monday, April 02, 2012

Costa Brava Rally 2012

It looks like its going to be a very busy two weeks in Lloret!

This weekend we saw the Frisbee tournament taking place, which brought teams from all over Europe to Lloret. This coming Easter weekend the hotels will be full of holiday makers here for their spring break, and also all the bars and nightclubs will now be opening daily rather than just for the weekends. We also have the Historic Costa Brava Rally taking place the week after Easter 12-15th April. This event also brings hundreds of people to town, including the drivers, mechanics and followers of the sport.

Sunday, April 01, 2012

Just about ready for Summer

Lloret de Mar is just about ready to welcome holidaymakers for the coming Easter holidays. All the boats will be starting their trips up and down the coast as from next week, although the Catamaran Cruise and the Neptune boat have started their trips as from this weekend. The buoys and markers for the boats and parasailing  have been put in place this week (see photos) and the large hole which appeared in front of the beach bar in Fenals as also been filled in and re-tiled!

Lloret de Mar Frisbee Tournament 2012

 On the beach this week end you can see the annual Frisbee tournament starting at 12.30 each day. This event seems to be growing in popularity every year, the beach was full of action yesterday with more teams than ever taking part!