Please do not download or copy photos without my permission, Thank you.

Please do not download or copy photos without my permission, Thank you.

Monday, July 24, 2017

Santa Cristina Festival

Today 24th July is the day of St Cristina the local patron saint of Lloret de Mar. To celebrate this special day there is a procession of boats that takes her statue from Lloret church to the beach of Santa Cristina returning later in the day after celebration meal on the beach there. This morning we were there quite early to catch the boats as they passed by...and also got some beautiful shots of the sun coming through the early morning clouds!

Thursday, July 13, 2017

Fire in Lloret/Fenals

A fire broke out in woodland yesterday at about 6pm in an area of Fenals near the Hotel Gran Garbi and many residential properties. From our balcony we could clearly see just how rapid it was spreading, luckily the local fire station is only minutes away and we could hear the sirens of the fire engines quickly approaching. Four engines attended the blaze and soon had it under control, they left later that evening after putting the fire out and damping down the area.

Well done to them, as this could have been such a different story!

As yet there is no idea of the cause, but this summer the ground is very very dry and the least little spark could easily turn into an awful disaster. People are warned to take care when having picnics or walking in the counrtyside etc to take all their rubbish away with them and also be careful when not throw cigarette ends to the floor discard of them in a responsible way, and certainly don't throw them out of the car window!

The photos here show just how close the fire was from peoples homes!