Please do not download or copy photos without my permission, Thank you.

Please do not download or copy photos without my permission, Thank you.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Lloret - Fenals Beach Clean-up!

On Fenals beach this Sunday 2nd Oct there will be a group of divers who are volunteering at an attempt to clean up the sea bed close to the coast. This is a yearly organised event along the Costa Brava as some of the things which are thrown into the sea are very toxic and harmful to the sea life and fauna - for example car batteries are often found.
Names of all those taking part will be entered on a list and no one will be allowed to dive alone for safety reasons.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Excursions from Lloret de Mar

While your on holiday on the Costa Brava and you want a day out with a difference I recommend you book a trip to Rupit & Besalu with the Laietana excursion company.

After picking you up close to your hotel you will be driven through the Catalan countryside to Rupit where you will have free time to marvel at its original suspension bridge, one of the few surviving examples of its kind, walk through the ancient streets and browse around the shops where you can buy typical goods of the region.

From Rupit the coach will travel to the Sanctuary El Far from where you have one of the finest views of the Catalan region, after which you will be taken to the restaurant for a 3 course lunch with wine, sangria and coffee with brandy!......all included in the price of about €47.

After lunch and passing through Olot the coach will take you to Besalu where there will be free time to explore the cobbled streets of the village and admire its romanic bridge.
At the end of the tour you can sit back and relax on the coach while you are driven back to your resort and original pick up point. I advise you wear flat comfortable shoes for this day out as some of the streets in the villages are quite steep. For other days trips available from Lloret and surrounding resorts click here > LAIETANA EXCURSIONS

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Tobacco Allowance from Spain

Stricter guidelines regarding the amount of cigarettes/tobacco you are allowed to take back to the UK are due to come into force as from 1st October. The new limit for cigs will drop to 800 per person instead of 3,200, tobacco allowance will be 1kg instead of 3kg.
Read the full document here > HM Revenue & Customs

As before it all depends on whether what you have in your case is for your own use ...or not!

Monday, September 12, 2011

Lloret de Mar News


A fire crew were called to the Surf Mar Hotel in Fenals yesterday afternoon where a fire broke out in one of the hotel rooms. The room was not occupied at the time so no one was injured during the incident, and damage was restricted to the rooms furnishings.


Sunday, September 11, 2011

Catalan Day in Lloret de Mar

11th September is the national day of Catalonia, so there were all kinds of activities taking place in town today. Here's just a few photos of today's events near the Town Hall. All along the paseo were stalls selling local food produce, and local arts and craft items.

Land of the Giants!

The temperature today was 28ºc which I'm sure must have made it hard work for the Catalan ladies who sat there most of the day demonstrating their lace making skills.

Homemade pastries
Hand decorated glass and ceramics
Catalan meats
Lace making

Friday, September 09, 2011

Death in Barcelona after being hit by a falling sofa.

A 48 year old man died in Barcelona today, Friday, after being hit by a falling sofa last Wednesday. He was hit by the sofa, which had been hurled from a balcony during a private move.
It happened in Calle de Sant Pau in the Ravel area of the city, and the sofa had been thrown down by a friend of the victim from the second floor balcony above. It seems the friend below was trying to warn the friend above that there were people walking in the street when the piece of furniture hit the victim on the head.

He was taken to hospital in a serious condition, but died there on Friday.

It appears that after the two men established that the sofa did not fit down the stairs, so they decided to throw it off the balcony.

Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Lloret de Mar - Just a bit of news!

An anonymous investor is seeking permission to build a new luxury disco / nightspot on the edge of Lloret . If planning is granted its reported that this new nightspot will cover an area of 5,000 m2, employ about 2,000 people and cost €11 million and could be open as early as next summer!


The town council of Lloret are at last trying to do something about the sale of those annoying megaphones which we have had to listen to for the last 2-3yrs. They cant actually ban the sale of them but its hoped they can persuade the Indian / souvenir shops to rethink the items they are selling in their shops. Other items they hope to curb the sale of are the lasers, beach towels and T shirts etc with slogans of heavy drinking, sex and bad language!

Thursday, September 01, 2011

Lloret de Mar Shopping

This Sunday 4th September is the day that all the shops will be bringing the last of their sale goods out onto the street stalls to make way for their new winter stock. Stalls will be found around some of the main shopping streets as well as around the church square and in front of the town hall. You can come and join in the hunt for the best bargains from 10am onwards.

One downside to this very popular and successful day for the stores is that the town council has this year doubled the cost they charge store owners for allowing them to sell on the street. Surely there should be no charge to the store owners, after all they are going through a very difficult period with their businesses and should not have to pay for the privilege of doing a little bit extra trade!
One of the regular stall holders Kevin of Busco Books will not be paying what he considers to be an 'excessive charge' but he will still be open for trade on the day at his original 'English Bookshop' behind the church. The shop will be open from 10.30am - 8pm.