Please do not download or copy photos without my permission, Thank you.

Please do not download or copy photos without my permission, Thank you.

Thursday, March 03, 2011

A Birthday in Lloret!

One of the tobacconist shops in Lloret de Mar has had a big birthday celebration this week. 80 years to be exact! This is the one near the church which is run by the Bertran family who opened their business in 1931. With the new non smoking laws enforced in Spain since January the family are not making any predictions of how this will effect their trade, but do say that trade is normally slow at the start of every new year until the tourists turn up!


Anonymous said...

As far as the english tourist are concerned, I don't know that they'll bother bringing cigarettes back from spain now that the prices have gone up again. According to the press here, there are so many contraband cigarettes getting into this country and selling at the same price as the tabac shops. I know which I'd prefer, these cigarettes are full of toxins and chemicals. Perhaps the tabac shops should display large notices saying 'Genuine (and legal) cigarettes sold here!' ... Personally, I'd rather fill my case with clothes and shoes! :)

Jackie said...

All tabacs shops in Spain are government run and are the only shops licenced to sell tobacco and cigs, so there is no need for them to display any notice. The danger comes when people try to get a bargain by buying from such places as gift shops etc which are just not allowed to sell such things! The prices have gone up with a bang recently, but are still on average half the price than in the UK. I'm the same as you though, prefer spending my money on something that wont go up in smoke and looks much better than a fag hanging out of your mouth!...Thanks for your comment and taking an interest in the site.

carol, newcastle said...

I thought I read a while back that any shop in Spain selling newspapers would also be allowed to sell cigarettes. Did that never come off then?... on the subject of the smoking ban, I wonder how the little street with all the bodegas (behind the av. juste marles) will look in the summer when it is crammed with smokers. Its pretty crowded to start with and they don't have outside seating,and then there's the pague of cigarette butts!

Jackie said...

I heard the same thing Carol, but so far I dont think I've seen any...even in Southern Spain where I am now. When you think about it though the tobacconists sell newspapers and there's not many shops that only sell newspapers...not in Lloret anyway!